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With total respect to its history, Azade’s restoration has taken care of every detail and is looking forward to welcoming you in its true Cretan world.

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As the meaning of Azade suggests, it is a place where you can take things at your own pace. You can rest and relax, as you are drawn into the building’s architectural elegance, levity and openness. You can explore the many wonders and joys that Chania and Crete have to offer, while always having a serene haven to return to. At Azade, privacy and communality coexist in harmony. Our 9 private suites, high-ceilinged and spacious, provide the perfect environment to withdraw into, unbothered by external stimuli and distractions. At Azade, the freedom is yours to explore; freedom to relax, freedom to think, freedom to love and be carried away. At the crossroad of Greek, Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian cultures, Azade blends all the above in its Grand History, evident in every corner and every detail of the building.


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Traveling through 380 years of Venetian, Ottoman and Greek history, Azade invites you to enter its world and feel its heritage. In every wall and every corner, touched by Knights, Poets and Ottoman Pashas, Azade has a story to tell. Walk on the same floors and sleep in the same rooms. Hear the whisper and feel the magical atmosphere. Let them enter your heart and touch your soul. Feel Azade’s truly unique world.

Notable among its former owners and residents are American poet and artist Charles Henri Ford,  as well as an Ottoman Pasha whose name sadly eludes records. The building, just like the city of Chania, stands at an intersection of many different cultures, traditions and creative endeavors. It is this diversity of tradition and craftsmanship that Azade seeks to preserve and celebrate.

The old town of Chania, Crete

Began in the Neolithic period, when the first inhabitants of the site created a settlement on the low hill of Kastelli, now above the Venetian harbour. The hill was chosen not for its wonderful view but for its defensive properties.

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